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Interior Package

Interior Package


Estimated Time: 4+hrs | Price: $100 | Van & SUV Price: $120

          • Vents Sanitization
          • Shampoo carpet mats, rubber mats.
          • Carpet & Seat shampoo. Removal of salt, soil, coffee and most other stains (to the best possible)
          • Cleaning the entire interior such as dash, vents, console, ashtray, doors, Jambs, walls, inside and outside of windows
          • All vinyl surfaces are cleaned and dressed
          • All leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned


* Once we take a reservation, we hold that spot open for you and turn away other people in order to ensure your automobile gets detailed. Because of this require that all cancellations be made within 24 hours prior to all appointments. Otherwise you will be charged $25.




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